A child with prophesies

Just like any other religion Book, the Quran tells many stories of the past in its own interesting way. Briefly, we will see here how did the Quran present some of these stories, of which some are already known to many of us and some are not.

The Quran is unique in telling the story of Jesus (peace be upon him), the story sheds some lights on his childhood. The Quran simply does not agree that his childhood was an ordinary one. For example, the Quran, that Jesus (pbuh) said to his followers:

"I declare to you what you eat, and what you store in your houses, surely therein is a sign for you"(3:49).

This part of the story refers generally to his prophetic knowledge of what was not known to other people.In the Hadith, Muhammad (pbuh) taught that when Jesus (pbuh) was about 12 years old, his mother took him to Egypt. There, at one time he was able to point out two thieves who stole some money from a house.

Another time, while he was playing with some other kids he told one of them: your mom has prepared for you so and so. Later, the kid goes to his mother to find out that what Jesus (pbuh) told him was …true.

Muhammad (pbuh) taught in his Hadith, that when Jesus the child (pbuh) used to talk to his teachers, he -Jesus the child (pbuh)- used to foretell what they were supposed to teach him. In a story recorded in the Hadith, Muhammad (pbuh) taught that Jesus the child (pbuh) once was in the temple, the teacher got stuck with something he did not really know or he was not sure about.

Jesus the child (pbuh) said; how could you teach me that which you do not know?

Knowing the exceptional child before him, the teacher said; then you teach me.

Jesus (pbuh) said; then, get up from the teacher's place and take the student's place.

The teacher couldn't dare to object, and gave his place up to sit down as a student. Jesus (pbuh) -the child- took the place of the teacher, then started answering his …student.


According to the Islamic tradition, Jesus Christ (pbuh) performed more miracles than those found in any other records. Also to Muslims, Christ's childhood (pbuh) was never an ordinary one. Even as an infant, only the Quran teaches that, in the record of Jesus (pbuh), he spoke while he was a baby (19:27-29).

The choice of Mary (pbuh) is also recorded in the Quran. Interestingly, only the Quran has the record of her own birth and that of her parents as well.