Bad guys…aren’t they everywhere?

Many have looked lately to Islam as a religion of terror and evil teachings, with many articles in newspapers, magazines and TV programs, misquoting verses from the Quran or "cutting and pasting" verses as they please to justify and validate their opinion. It is certainly hard to grasp the simple truth about Islam.

The truth of the matter is, the majority of the people in the west didn't get the chance to know the real Islam. Those who have had the chance to learn a little about it might have learned so through a non-Islamic source.

Would you be convinced with a book entitled: "The concept of God in the Biblical scriptures" that was authored by a Scholar in the "Hindu" scriptures? Or a book that discuses the Idea of "God in Judaism" by somebody who does not believe in God?

If you like to find out how do Jews regard God, shouldn't you try to find out from the original source of Judaism, read for a recognized Jewish Scholar or at least, talk with somebody who is a Jew?

If you would like to find out the meaning of Christianity, shouldn't you try to find out from the original source of Christianity, read for a recognized Christian scholar or at least, talk with somebody who is a Christian? Would you agree that the case of explaining Islam has to be exactly the same?

Remember that it is easy to misquote any Scripture, anybody can do so, the only problem with doing so is; it can be done to any Scriptures.

Another important point about "the people of any religion" might become apparent with this example: How many would have accepted the Bible and its teachings if the "KKK" introduced it to them?

Would you have any difficulty accepting that the religion of Islam has those who have the "wrong understanding" just like the KKK in the Christian world?

Even those who teach the religion and hold prestigious position in a highly recognized and well organized church such as the Catholic Church have done "shameful" things which we all have heard about, things that are against the very basics of such churches. But is it fair to say that Catholicism is a bad religion because there are many bad guys in it?

Given the situation in Ireland, where Catholics and Protestants are in continues battle, each against his own neighbor, while both are supposed to believe in the Bible. Would it be realistic to say that the Bible is Evil because of what Catholics and Protestants to each other as neighbors?

There is also the undeniable fact that there are many governments of Countries where a certain religion seems to be the dominate religion, yet these governments decide to take directions or to do things that are contrary to the teachings of the dominate religion of the people.

Whatever a dominate religion happen to be, whatever scriptures it happen to be based on, the Bible, the Quran or any other, they all are against "killing" for an example. Yet many governments adopt one's right to perform abortion, which in realty is "killing" an unborn child.

Would it be realistic to say that because that government or Country allows the "killing" of an unborn child, that the Scriptures of the dominant religion of such Country is Evil? Would that be fair to the Bible, to the Quran or to any other Scriptures?

Instead of blaming any Scriptures for what some people or governments do, we should try to find out what do such Scriptures really teach.

Many of the articles on our website show you many of the real teachings -not misquoted teachings- of the Quran and Islam.


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